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Record Holder vs Record Crate?

Dec 16, 2021 | Record Storage

2 Awesome Ways to Store and Display Your Vinyl Records.

Do you hear that?

That awful sound of something falling from your record player shelf?

Anything that keeps records tidy and safe from dropping on the floor by knocking a stack over is a good thing.

We know the frustration of an untidy stack, let alone damaging a brand new record.

In a digital world, it feels sacred to have something you can’t download.

You sift through the bins, even wait in line, special order, select which record fits your mood and.. Commit to it for the next 45 minutes.

That is a rare trait these days!

Before listening to music on vinyl, it felt like my music from many different sources was on shuffle.

I almost never sat through a whole album.

It felt passive, whereas the action of buying an album to rushing home to listen became an engaged process.

So before you consider what vinyl does for you.

Make sure you give your collection the care it deserves, after all love is a two way street..

The One Thing You Must Do If You Choose A Record Holder

The idea that records have to remain vertical while stored is over glorified.

The biggest reason for vertical storage is space savings.

No you don’t want to store them horizontal. The biggest reason this is inadvisable is because they might end up on the floor when you pull one from the bottom.

Your records aren’t going to warp in a display stand such as ‘The Cue’.

This product makes owning vinyl records better! It doesn’t take away from the hobby it adds real substance. It feels a void that other record holders don’t fulfill on.

Quote from Audiophilealbums.com

There isn’t any magic to vertical storage.

I do think if you throw records in a pile, you’re asking for problems.

This is because records are prone to bending.

But a stack of horizontal records isn’t a problem for warping.

The big problem is that records more often today have gatefolds. This means records won’t stack well.

The wider spine tends to stack records at an angle.  This means gravity will cause them to slide.

And again your records end up on the floor and may have damage from the drop.

A very nice design, the ridged bottom is bound to be very handy to stop the contents shifting around.

You Did A Crate Job Taking Care Of Your Vinyl Collection

Records should be stored in an upright position to ensure they stay in good condition with protective sleeves.

Records that store at a large slant for an extended period of time can warp. Due to the uneven pressure on them.

This is why records are often kept in crates that position them upright (or close to).

milk crate for vinyl storage

Crate dividers make sure your records stay upright with little or no slanting.

A staple of simple record storage is the old milk crate.

You can picture a hip-hop DJ hauling his goods around in one of these. Milk crates hold records perfect. They have handles, and you can fit 40-50 albums per crate.

Make sure you find the old milk crates or the oversized ones.

As you would discover, modern milk crates (from dairy companies) are too small.

They reduced the size enough to not fit records so that people would stop stealing them.

There are also some more stylish, less-handled-by-dairy-farmer units that you can invest in.

Made with plastic, wood, and even fabric. Crates are suitable for smaller vinyl collections.

Rejuvenate Your Vinyl Record Collection 

Picture this.

You own a carefully curated vinyl collection.

You purchased each one because you enjoy all of each album.

Your organized vinyl collection ensures you listen to at least one whole side of an album in a sitting. And enjoy every track.

When you return to albums they become more familiar.

And your record collection, safely stored will last a very long time. Creating and rehashing memories for years to come.

Revitalize your relationship with music listening, and upgrade your vinyl record storage solution.

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