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Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit


  • The 6-in-1 Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit has everything you need for cleaning and maintaining your vinyl sounding pristine.
  • Carbon Fibre Anti Static And Velvet Cleaning Brush to lift harmful dust particles from the vinyl surface, reducing crackling, popping and improving sound.
  • Vinyl Record Cleaning Solution (4.3fl Oz), Label Protector And Soft, Anti-Static Microfibre Cloth provides a deep clean to prevent build up on your records.
  • Stylus Brush And Cleaning Fluid for the turntable needle so you don’t miss a single note.

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Recommended to anyone who has a collection of vinyl they care for and want to keep in the best condition possible! - Verified Reviewer

unleash wicked clean

Pristine vinyl

From 78 RPM Shellac to 33⅓ LP’s, clean vinyl sounds better and stays true to the studio recording. The Cue78 Record Cleaning Kit has everything you need for routine cleaning of your collection, keeping your vinyl sounding pristine and your turntable in great shape.

Dirt and grime will always build up on your records. This vinyl cleaning kit has you sorted.

Watch the video to see the details of the Classics Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit up close.

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