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Our story

Growing up, we loved the experience of spending our money on vinyl and CD’s flicking through friend’s collections, talking about music, artists, lyrics and the artwork.

Digital music just doesn’t provide the whole experience. That feeling of selecting an album that brings back memories, taking the time to admire the art and queue up some tunes.

As a lover of vinyl, you know it’s deeper than the music. Collecting records is like collecting art. Vinyl makes us feel good and transports us somewhere else. Gives us an insight into the artist’s mind and soul.

That’s what vinyl is about.

How we started

We know the frustrations of storing and displaying vinyl. Precious vinyl stored in boxes, hidden away in cupboards or in messy, disorganized stacks. We tried various vinyl storage options, only to find them lacking in quality or functionality. This is why Cue78 was born. To provide fellow vinyl addicts and enthusiasts quality, affordable storage solutions you will love.

Our mission

Cue78 is a movement to re-create the artful element of vinyl records and music in the modern day. Launched in 2020, CUE78 has established iteself as the go to source of storage solutions and accesories for music collecters who have taste. 

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